Design Benefits

Our Mobile Yard ramps feature all Steel Construction

Design Features & Benefits

Adapt-A-Ramp's exclusive design features enhance operational safety setting a higher standard.

Adapt A Ramp 10 Foot Level-Off Section

10 Foot Level-Off Section

The upper 10 Foot Level-Off section allows the lift truck operator to exit the trailer in the fully horizontal position prior to backing down the ramp. This feature helps maximize load stability and operator safety. The 10 feet allows the lift truck and a pallet sized load to be clear of the trailer and prevents the load from scraping the top of the trailer during descent.

Adapt A Ramp Hinged Tail Plate

Hinged Tail Plate

The Hinged Tail Plate is 60 inches long and is located on the lower end of the ramp. This feature helps to improve ramp stability by helping to compensate for uneven yard surfaces thus creating a smooth transition on and off the ramp. Stability is further improved because the entire 60 inches of the Hinged Tail Plate remains flat on the ground regardless of the ramps height adjustment. This offers the benefit of a safer transition on & off the ramp.

Adapt A Ramp Hinged Lip Plate

Hinged Lip Plate

The hinged lip plate provides a safe transition between the ramp and the truck trailer. The heavy duty full length lip hinge allows the lip plate to float on the trailer, automatically compensating for height variations caused by a change in payload weight in the trailer.


All Steel Heavy Duty Construction:

All Adapt-A-Ramps are constructed of steel for structural rigidity. Our designs undergo a complete stress analysis to insure structural integrity and superior operational safety. All ramps have a 2 to 1 load rating safety factor.

Built-In Side Rails:

The Built-In Side Rails located on both sides of the ramp are 8” high and run the full length of the ramp (except on the lip & tail plate). These guard rails help avoid accidentally driving off the side of the ramp. Higher guard rails are available and are recommended for all applications where the loader has wheels of a wider diameter than the average lift truck.

Mobility Package:

Adapt-A-Ramps are equipped with a mobility package featuring large wheels with heavy duty tires and axles that will enable you to easily move the ramp around the yard with a lift truck or loader.

Anti-Slip Surface:

The full length of the deck has an Anti-Slip surface, offering superior traction for safer operation.

Leveling Jacks:

Dual speed leveling jacks speed up leveling the ramp to the trailer or dock. The lower speed range requires minimal physical effort. These Jacks are fully supported and strategically located to maximize the stability of the ramp for optimum operator safety.