Portable Loading Ramp Feature: Lip Plates

One of our four-piece lip plates on an Adapt-A-Ramp M35 Series 10ft wide portable loading ramp.

M35, HD50 & SHD70 Loading Ramp Lip Feature

Our moderate (M Series) and heavy-duty (HD & SHD Series) portable loading ramps all come standard equipped with the Adapt-A-Ramp lip plate feature. The Adapt-A-Ramp lip plate is attached with a full width seamless hinge and overlaps onto the bed of the trailer allowing for a safe transition from the ramp to the truck. The heavy-duty full-width lip hinge allows the lip plate to float on the trailer, automatically compensating for height variations and a change in payload weight as the load moves from the trailer to the ramp. Loading Ramps with a width of 102” or wider, come equipped with Adapt-A-Ramp’s three or four-piece hinged lip plate design. This design will enable you the flexibility of accessing flatbed and dry van trailers, along with containers.

A standard lip plate on an M35000 portable loading ramp.

LD5000 Lip Plate Feature

Adapt-A-Ramp also offer a light duty (LD Series) yard loading ramp for use with customer pickup trucks. Other light duty yard ramps on the market are associated with a lot of operational challenges and safety concerns. Most light duty ramps require the removal of the pickup truck tailgate to avoid accidents caused by the tailgate breaking off the truck while using them. The hinged lip plate on the LD5000 provides a safe and productive solution that takes the fear out of the unloading process and improves operational safety. 

On our LD5000 series ramps, the lip plate is equipped with a rubberized bottom surface to protect any possible damage to the tailgate of customer pickup trucks and trailers. This is in contrast to the use of light duty ramp rails that straddle the tailgate of a pickup truck and the ground. The Adapt-A-Ramp fully hinged lip rubberized plate extends past the truck’s tailgate into the truck’s body. This ensures the load is taken off the truck’s tailgate and avoids damage and safety concerns.


A lip plate on an Adapt-A-Ramp LD5000 loading ramp in use.

Adapt-A-Ramp Tail Plate Feature

The Adapt-A-Ramp hinged tail plate at the lower end of the ramp creates a smooth passage on and off the ramp at ground level. Our tail plates (located at the lower end of our ramps) sit completely flat on the ground and are long enough to provide stability on uneven surface ground. Our tail plate compensates for imperfect lot surfaces and superior ramp stability. This feature helps to improve ramp stability and creates a safer transition on and off the ramp.

Adapt-A-Ramp tail plates are also attached with a full width seamless hinge so the tail plate can be easily tilted up and the ramp can be picked up and moved around with a forklift. Our lip and tail plate features have a direct focus on industry needs and we strive to bring new innovations that offer tangible benefits to our customers’ needs. These designs provide our customers with a safe solution for loading and unloading that protects their workers and customer equipment.

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A tail plate on a standard M35000 portable loading ramp.

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