The LD5000 Ramp makes unloading pickup trucks and trailers Safe & Easy!

Adapt A Ramp LD5000 easy to move industrial ramp

The LD5000 is easy to use and is packed with several design features that will help reduce labour hours while taking the worry out of your loading and unloading process. This ramp is designed for lighter duty applications ideal for equipment rental companies, motor sport dealerships, small engine repair shops, works departments and other types of small equipment businesses.

The LD5000 will improve Operator Safety while protecting your equipment, product and your customer's vehicle. Speed up your operation saving you a lot of time and money.

Features include:

  • 5000 pound load capacity
  • Removable hand rails
  • Fully hinged deck & lip plate
  • Extended lip plate to protect tailgates
  • Rubber coated lip bottom to protect vehicles
  • Non-slip deck surface
  • 2 speed level adjustment from 28" to 44"
  • Built in fork pockets for easy movement
  • All steel construction for long life
LD5000 Specifications
Deck & Tail Plate: 5' wide x 14' long
Hinged Lip Plate: 48" wide x 36" long
Height Range: 28" to 44"
Load Capacity: 5,000 Pounds
Safety Factor: 2 to 1
Hand Rails: 36" high x 120" long
Weight: 2400 pounds
Construction: Steel
Design Patented in US & Canada

The LD5000 is loaded with safety features built in to help workers and equipment!

Easy to make height adjustments - Portable heavy duty ramp - Adapt a Ramp
The two speed adjustable legs make height adjustment fast and easy.
Built in fork pockets - Portable heavy duty ramp - Adapt a Ramp
The built in fork pockets make it easy to move the ramp around with a lift truck or loader.
Rubberized lip bottom - Portable heavy duty ramp - Adapt a Ramp
The rubberized lip bottom helps to protect your customers vehicles.
hinged tail plate - Portable heavy duty ramp - Adapt a Ramp
The hinged tail plate improves stability of the ramp on uneven lot surfaces and also exposes the rear fork pockets.
Overlapping Lip Plate - Portable heavy duty ramp - Adapt a Ramp
The overlapping lip plate extends onto the truck bed protecting the tailgate.
Removable Rails - Portable heavy duty ramp - Adapt a Ramp
The hand rails improve operator safety and are removable when needed.