M35000 Portable Loading Ramp Series

Adapt A Ramp M3500 easy to move industrial ramp

The M35000 Adapt-A-Ramp has a wide range of applications and a generous capacity rating. Whether you're loading & unloading trailers or converting a truck level dock to a drive-out, the M35000 has the flexibility to help perform the task.

With Adapt-A-Ramp's versatility you can reduce your loading and unloading time by as much as 800%!
Great savings that will go straight to the Bottom Line!

Applications include:

  • Rail yards & truck loading
  • Retail operations
  • Warehousing
  • Scrap yards & recycling plants
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial operations
  • Distribution centers
  • Automotive dealerships & repair shops
  • Light & heavy Industry
  • Airports

Or any other operations where you have to "Bridge the Vertical Gap"

M35000 Specifications
Load Capacity: Up to 35,000 Pounds
Ramp Dimensions: 90" to 120" Wide x 34'-8" Long
Incline Section: 24'-8" Long
Service Width: 86" Wide
Upper Level-off Section: 10' Long
Ramp Height-Adjustable: 46" to 56" (other ranges available)
Upper Lip Plate-Hinged: 20" x 90" (Full Width)
Levelling Jacks: Dual Speed