Adapt a Ramp Industrial easy to move ramp systems

Save time and money with Adapt-A-Ramp, the portable loading ramp solution

Portable & Mobile Loading Dock Ramps

Adapt a Ramp - Solutions we solve #1
No loading dock to load and unload freight
Adapt a Ramp - Solutions we solve #2
Double handling freight with a hand pallet truck and a forklift
Adapt a Ramp - Solutions we solve #3
Excessive labor costs due to double handling
Adapt a Ramp - Solutions we solve #4
Compromised Worker Safety
Portable Ramp Solutions

Our yard ramps eliminate double handling and cuts loading/unloading time, speeding up your operation, saving you time and money while dramatically improving operational safety!


How Adapt a Ramp ramps work vs other ramps - animated illustration

Adapt-A-Ramp is a North American designer of Portable Loading Ramps. We manufacturer a full range of ramps for many applications with load capacities ranging from 5000 to 160,000 pounds. Whether you’re loading freight into dry vans, shipping containers or loading heavy equipment on to trailers or rail cars, we have a ramp that will fit your needs or we will design you one that will. We also manufacture Ground-To-Dock ramps that enable you to convert a truck level dock to a drive in dock access.

Our unique productivity features and custom design capabilities have earned us worldwide recognition allowing us to serve all industries, institutions and military facilities with safe solutions that “Bridge The Vertical Gap”.

Our typical customers have four common loading problems that we are able to help overcome.

  1. No truck level access to load and unload freight.
  2. Double handling freight with a hand pallet truck and a forklift.
  3. Excessive labour costs due to double handling.
  4. Compromised worker safety.

Adapt-A-Ramp portable loading ramps remove barriers providing safe & easy access to trailers of all types, bridging the vertical gap. Adapt-A-Ramp’s has several exclusive design features that improve productivity and operator safety providing an excellent return on investment. All Adapt-A-Ramp products have been designed to a minimum 2 to1 load factor of safety. Adapt-A-Ramp’s are easy to set up and use. They're totally self-supporting and non-dependent on the trailer for support. This enables the ramp to stay in one place for trucks to back up into, or easily moved up to a trailer, speeding up operations and giving the ultimate operational flexibility Adapt-A-Ramp’s are equipped with a 10-foot-long upper level-off section allowing lift trucks and stacked pallets to enter or exit the trailer completely leveled avoiding the freight from hitting the top of the trailer. It also provides lots of level maneuvering space making it easy for the forks of the lift trucks to safely access pallets at the end of the trailer without damaging product

Adapt-A-Ramp’s hinged lip plate provides a seamless transition between the ramp and the trailer providing ultimate operational safety. The hinge allows the lip to float on the bed of the trailer for constant level contact avoiding gaps. The full width hinged tail plate is 60” long and provides a smooth approach onto the ramp, maximizing stability Adapt-A-Ramp’s adjustable support legs allow the operator to easily level the ramp with the trailer bed with the turn of a crank, providing a safe transition on and off of the trailer.

Adapt-A-Ramp’s standard mobility package makes it easy to safely move the ramp with a lift truck or loader. Its heavy duty guard rails protect the lift truck or loader operator from accidentally driving off the side of the ramp. The guard rails are available in a large range of heights. The M35000 is a general purpose loading ramp loaded with great features for a wide range of applications. The HD50000 Series are available in several widths and lengths to suit your heavy equipment loading needs. The SHD Series are military grade ramps with load capacities ranging from 70,000 to 160,000 pounds. The Ground to Dock Series Adapt-a-Ramps provide an economical means of converting a truck level dock to a drive in access to your building. The LD5000 makes loading pickup truck and trailers safe and easy. For more information on how we can help overcome your loading challenges, please contact us today!

The Adapt-A-Ramp product line includes a wide range of Portable Loading Ramps, Stationary Loading Ramps, Mobile Loading Ramps, Rail Yard Ramps, Ground to Dock Ramps, Dock Ramps, and Yard Ramps. Custom design work is also available on request for special applications.