LD5000 Series Portable Ramps

Adapt-A-Ramp’s LD Series Small Equipment Loading Ramp makes unloading pickup trucks and trailers safe & easy!

LD5000 Small Equipment Loading Ramp Series

The Adapt-A-Ramp LD5000 series small equipment loading ramp was designed to load small equipment onto the bed of customer pick up trucks. This ramp will improve worker safety by helping prevent injury and ensure efficiency by cutting your working time in half. An LD5000 Series Portable Ramp is ideal for loading lawn tractors, ATVs, motorcycles, and other light equipment into vehicles.

Features Include:

  • Generous operating width.
  • Total Ramp stability.
  • Fully hinged deck & tail plate.
  • Easy height adjustment with the turn of a crank.
  • Rubberized 36” deep lip plate to protect tail-gates.
  • Non-slip deck surface.
  • Removable hand rails.
  • Built in fork pockets for easy movement.
  • Several safety features.

LD Series Specifications

LD Series Specifications
Deck and Tail Plate 5’ wide x 14’ long
Hinged Lip Plate 48” wide x 36” long
Height Range 28” to 44”
Load Capacity 5000 pounds
Safety Factor 2 to 1
Hand Rails 38” high x 120” long
Weight 2400 pounds
Construction Steel

Design Patented in US and Canada

The LD5000 Series Portable Ramp is also available in different height and width ranges for special applications like the loading and unloading of golf carts, or other motorized sports vehicles wider than 5 feet.

Why use an LD5000

The LD5000 will dramatically improve the safety and efficiency of your small equipment loading operations. This ramp was designed in response to safety concerns voiced by many equipment companies due to their use of unstable rail type ramp options. The LD5000 light duty loading ramp provides many features to ensure a safe and efficient loading process. Some of these features include: a 5000lb load capacity with a 2 to 1 factor of safety, hand rails, and anti slip steel grating along the deck of the ramp.

The LD5000 Series Portable Ramp is loaded with safety features built in to help workers and equipment!

LD 5000 Ramp

LD500 Height adjustment, small equipment loading ramp

The two speed adjustable legs make height adjustment fast and easy

Adapt-a-Ramp---built in fork pockets

The built in fork pockets make it easier to move the ramp around with a lift truck or loader

LD5000 Lip Rubber The rubberized lip bottom helps to protect your customers vehicles

LD5000-Fork lift Pockets

The hinged tail plate improves stability of the ramp on uneven lot surfaces and also exposes the rear fork pockets

Adapt a Ramp -overlapping LIP PLATEThe overlapping lip plate extends onto the truck bed protecting the tailgate

LD5000 Removable Rails

The hand rails improve operator safety and are removable when needed

View the LD5000 Series Brochure (PDF).

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