HD50 Series Portable Loading Ramps

Adapt-A-Ramp’s HD50 Series Portable Yard Ramps offer Performance and Versatility that will allow you to get your heavier loading jobs done with confidence and safety.

HD50 Portable Loading Ramp Series

The Adapt-A-Ramp’s HD50 Series Portable Yard Ramps have a wide range of applications making them ideal for loading heavy equipment or freight on and off trailers. The Adapt-A-Ramp’s HD50 series heavy duty Yard Ramps are designed to facilitate a smooth, efficient, and safe loading and unloading operation for your equipment. The solid structure of the HD50 series yard ramps coupled with the 50,000-pound load capacity has made these the ramp of choice for many companies around the world.

Applications Include:

  • Equipment Rental Companies
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Lumber Yards
  • Millwright Operations
  • Heavy Industries
  • Rail Yards
  • Mining Operations
  • Fisheries
  • Other heavy duty loading and unloading applications

The HD50 Series Portable Yard Ramps are available in several sizes and configurations offering widths available from the standard 96” to as wide as 16 feet for special applications.

Specs and Configurations

HD50 Series Specifications
Load Capacity Up to 50,000 Pounds
Incline Section Starting at 24’
Service Width Working Service widths ranging from 8′ to as wide as 16’+
Upper Level-Off Section Level Off Sections starting at 10’ long
Ramp Height Adjustable 46”-56” (other height ranges available)
Upper Lip Plate-Hinged 20” Deep x Full Width of the Ramp
Leveling Jack Dual speed hand crank


Design Features

The Adapt-A-Ramp HD50 Series ramps are equipped with several exclusive design features that will improve productivity and operational safety.

Side Guard Rails

All Adapt-A-Ramp portable loading ramps are equipped with heavy duty side guard rails to help avoid driving off the side of the ramp. The HD50 Series yard ramps come equipped with 8” high or 18+” high guard rails. The height of the guard rails depends on the type of equipment being loaded. Other height ranges available.The Adapt-A-Ramp HD50 Series guard rails

4 Piece Hinged Lip Plate

The lip plate is attached with a full width seamless hinge and over laps onto the bed of the trailer allowing for a safe transition from the ramp to the truck. Ramps with a width of 102” or wider come equipped with Adapt-A-Ramps four piece hinged lip plate design. This design will enable you the flexibility of accessing flatbed trailers and dry van trailers and containers.Adapt-A-Ramp HD50 Series 4 piece lip plate

Upper Level-Off Section

The HD50 series mobile yard ramp features a 10 foot long upper level-off section that allows for your product or equipment to safely exit the truck before starting its descent.HD50 series mobile yard ramp level off

Hinged Tail Plate

The hinged tail plate is 60” long and is located at the lower end of the ramp. This feature helps to improve ramp stability and creates a safer transition on and off the ramp.HD50 series ramp tail plate

4 Point Load Analysis

HD50 ramp load analysis

Load Capacity

Our HD50 Series Portable Loading Ramps have a load capacity of 50,000 pounds and are designed to a 2 to 1 load factor of safety. The 50,000 pound load rating is based on 4 point loads similar to a vehicles foot print as opposed to distributing the load over the full area of the ramp.

HD50 ramp with tankThis realistic rating assures that any point on this ramp will support the full weight of 50,000 pounds.

View the HD50 Series Brochure (PDF).

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