GTD Series Loading Dock Ramps

GTD Loading Ramp Series

The Adapt-A-Ramp GTD (Ground-to-Dock) Series Loading Dock Ramps convert truck level loading docks into drive-in docks. These ramps provide a cost effective solution to moving vehicles, forklifts, and product in and out of a building where ground level access isn’t an option. The Adapt-A-Ramp GTD Series Loading Dock Ramps will dramatically increase your productivity creating savings that will go straight to your company’s bottom line!

Specs and Configurations

The GTD series ramps are available in a wide range of sizes and incline angles to accommodate your operational needs.

Most GTD series loading ramps are tailor-made to meet our customers’ requirements and accommodate important considerations such as door size, dock heights and vehicle ground clearances.

GTD Series Specifications

GTD Series Specifications
Load Capacity Up to 35,000 Pounds, Other load ranges available
Incline Section Starting at 24’
Service Width Working Service widths ranging from 86″ to as wide as 120″+
Ramp Height Adjustable 46”-56” (other height ranges available)
Upper Lip Plate-Hinged 12” x 96″ (full width)
Leveling Jack Dual speed hand crank


Benefits of Owning an Adapt-A-Ramp GTD Series Ramp

The Adapt-A-Ramp’s GTD Series Loading Dock Ramps are designed to facilitate safe access from ground level to your truck level loading dock. These ramps are often cheaper than constructing a concrete or asphalt on gravel type ramp and do not require a building permit to install. They also have the benefit of being portable allowing you to move the ramp when needed.

Adapt-A-Ramp GTD Series Ramp with truck on it

Adapt-A-Ramp GTD Series Ramp with truck

Mobility Package

The Adapt-A-Ramp GTD portable ramps have the option of coming equipped with a set of pneumatic tires to allow for easy movement.

This feature enables you to move the ramp from one loading dock to another or to simply move the ramp out from the front of your dock door when it is not needed.

Hinged Lip and Tail Plate

The hinged lip plate is designed to overlap on to the loading dock allowing for a safe transition from the ramp into your facility. The hinged tail plate at the lower end of the ramp creates a smooth passage on and off the ramp at ground level.hinged lip and tail

Custom Built

Each Adapt-A-Ramp GTD Series Loading Dock Ramp is built custom to meet specific needs. These ramps are built in a range of widths, lengths, and load capacities to accommodate different vehicles and equipment. Important factors such as ground clearances are taken into consideration to avoid vehicles bottoming out at the transitions.Adapt-A-Ramp GTD series ramp

View the GTD Series Brochure (PDF).

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