M35 Series Portable Loading Ramps

Adapt-A-Ramp’s M35 Series Mobile Yard Ramps offer Performance, Versatility and Safety that will save you Time and Money

New M35 Ramp

The Adapt-A-Ramp M35 Series Portable Loading Ramps are commonly used for general dry-van, flatbed trailer and shipping container loading applications. The Adapt-A-Ramp’s M35 Series general purpose yard ramps are extremely versatile and are designed to facilitate a safe and productive loading and unloading operation. The Adapt-A-Ramp will dramatically increase your productivity creating savings that will go straight to your company’s bottom line!

Applications Include:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Lumber Yards
  • Builder Supply Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehousing
  • Rail Yards
  • Agricultural
  • Fisheries
  • Most other loading and unloading applications

The M35 Series Portable Yard Ramps are available in several sizes and configurations offering widths available from the standard 90” to as wide as 16 feet for special applications.

Specs and Configurations

M35 Series Specifications
Load Capacity Up to 35,000 Pounds
Incline Section Starting at 24’
Service Width Working Service widths ranging from 86″ to as wide as 120″+
Upper Level-Off Section Level Off Sections starting at 10’ long
Ramp Height Adjustable 46”-56” (other height ranges available)
Upper Lip Plate-Hinged 20” x 90″ (full width)
Leveling Jack Dual speed hand crank


Design Features

The Adapt-A-Ramp M35 Series Portable Loading Ramps are equipped with several exclusive design features that will improve productivity and operational safety.

Can you afford to be without adapt-a-ramp

Mobility Package

mobility packageThe Adapt-A-Ramp M35000 portable loading ramps are equipped with a set of pneumatic tires to allow for easy movement of the ramp. This standard feature enables ultimate user flexibility allowing you to easily move this ramp around your yard to load or unload trailers and shipping containers.

Adjustable Support Legs

Adapt-A-Ramp yard ramps are free standing and do not rely on the trailer as a means of support.

The adjustable support legs allow the ramp to be easily adjusted to the exact height of the trailerM35000 ramp adjustable support legs

Hinged Lip and Tail Plate

The hinged lip plate overlaps onto the bed of the trailer allowing for a safe transition from the ramp to the truck.

The Hinged tail plate at the lower end of the ramp creates a smooth passage on and off the ramp at ground level.M35000-close-Lip-plate

Side Guard Rails

The M35000 portable loading ramps are equipped with heavy duty side guard rails to help avoid driving off the side of the ramp. The standard guard rails are 8” high and are available in other height ranges.Marshall M35000 side guard rails

Upper Level-Off Section

The M35000 mobile yard ramp features a 10 foot long upper level-off section that allows for your product to safely exit the truck prior to its descent on the ramp. This prevents possible damage caused by the freight hitting the top of the trailer.M35 ramp upper level off section

View the M35 Series Brochure (PDF).

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