GTD Series Loading Dock Ramps

Specs and Configurations

Our Adapt-A-Ramp “Ground-to-Dock” Loading Ramp (GTD) Series has endless benefits for loading dock door applications. Each Adapt-A-Ramp GTD Series Loading Dock Ramp is built custom, to meet the needs of varying dock door dimensions. These ramps are built in a wide range of widths, lengths, inclines, and load capacities to accommodate operational needs for different vehicles and equipment. To ensure the right dimensions are provided, it is important that we work with our customers to consider vehicle ground clearances to avoid bottoming out while going up the ramp.

Pickup truck driving into loading dock door, using the GTD Series Loading Dock Ramp.

The GTD Series Loading Dock Ramps are designed to facilitate safe access from ground level to your truck level loading dock doors. Our Ground-to-Dock Series Ramps convert truck level loading docks into drive-in docks. These ramps are often cheaper than constructing a concrete or asphalt on gravel type ramps and do not require a building permit to install.

GTD Loading Dock Ramp

Customization and Adaptability

The GTD Ramp Series can come with our mobility package. These ramps have the option of coming equipped with a set of pneumatic tires to allow for the ramp to be easily moved with a forklift when the ramp is not needed. For companies with multiple loading docks, this feature enables you to move the ramp from one loading dock to another. This provides our customers with versatile use of the ramp and gives them the option to still have truck trailers back into loading dock doors for easy and efficient shipping and receiving.

Design Benefits

All our Adapt-A-Ramp Portable Loading Ramp options come equipped with out hinged lip and tail plate. The hinged lip plate on the GTD Series loading ramp is designed to overlap on to the loading dock to allow for a sage transition from the ramp into your facility.

Overall, loading dock applications have unique operational needs, and at Adapt-A-Ramp we pride ourselves in listening to our customers loading/ unloading needs and respond with calculated engineered loading ramp solutions that get the job done.


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